Top 10 tips that you do not follow

Never doubt twice in issuing a advice when they ask you and the first thing you do is give a solution according to how you see the situation , but why do not you follow your advice?

According to a study published in the journal PLoS ONE , most people usually take a decision by tips of the others that for what they really feel.

In the investigation of Nottngham and Lincoln universities It is detailed that the decisions that are taken on behalf of others, are affected by the closeness of the relationship.

That is, people usually take a decision according to what a person suggests that is not part of their family, but what are the tips you give and what do you never follow?


Top 10 tips that you do not follow

It is very easy for others to give their opinion of things, but, if you were in that place, would you do it? According to various psychologists these are the tips that more are given and that they are not followed.

1. End with him; you deserve something better
2. Talk to someone to fix the situation
3. Do not let me treat you badly, put that person in his place
4. Do not have sex with your ex
5. Stop eating junk, so you lose weight
6. Learn to say no and stop complaining
7. Quiet, we all make mistakes. Stop worrying
8. Leave work for a while and enjoy the party
9. Sorry, you'll feel better
10. Get more exercise, this way you will get the body you want

Remember that before following the advice from someone else, you should look in the mirror and ask for the solution. Nobody knows you better than you, so analyze the situation and think about the pros and cons that this decision will generate. And you, do you follow your own advice?

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