Top 10 things to avoid in summer

Caring for your figure in the summer is one of the things that seem impossible since many people take this period as a "vacation for everything", including a healthy diet.

If you already took care of almost half of the year in order to look better, do not waste your effort every time you go on vacation or relax in your effort. It is true that you have to give yourself some tastes, however there are some things you should avoid to take care of your figure this summer:

1. Calories do not rest. Summer is a time destined, among other things, for rest, but to take care of your figure you must take into account that every body in relaxation tends to expand, so give yourself as many tastes as you wish but watch your diet and perform the same or more physical activity than usual.

2. Do not take vacations. According to a study published in the Journal Annual Review of Nutrition , lighting and temperature can affect how much you eat, plus a change in your environment and activities, for a short time, allows changes and improvements in our habits. Take advantage of summer and go out at least on weekends and do something different. You will see and feel much better.

3. Eat emotionally. Researchers of the University of Exeter , in England, explain that a walk can help avoid unconscious meals, fatigue or boredom. So it's a good way to avoid filling with cravings.

4. Do not sunbathe. The sun activates our positive side. The sun's rays are not so bad if taken with measure and a good sunscreen, since you should take advantage of that moment of optimism to pose a real goal to lose weight or against overweight, according to researchers from the Harvard University .

5. Unveiling . In a recent study of Center for Sleep Research, in Australia , people who slept four hours each night were more likely to eat snacks in excess than people who slept more, so give yourself enough time to have fun, to rest.

6. All-inclusive trips . If you are a person who falls easily in cravings , plan that when you go on a trip, or even in your own home, do not surround yourself with temptations, like desserts or junk food. Always choose destinations that have the consideration of promoting "healthy habits", such as ecoviajes, as well as going for a walk on the pretext of finding where to eat.

7. Bufetes. Try not to put yourself in front of so much food because this stimulates even more your appetite. If your meals are in places that offer buffets, choose to serve vegetables and vegetables first, as well as fruits.

8. Excess of red meats . It is common that especially when going on vacation you want to try all kinds of dishes. To take care of your figure, substitute the consumption of red meats for foods with low-fat proteins, such as fish, turkey, legumes, cereals.

9. Lying on the beach . A good tip is that if you plan to tan, do not spend all afternoon lying on the sand. You can perform some games, exercises or sports and the result could be the same, but without neglecting the figure or muscle tone.

10. Pretexts to drink water . Drinking enough water is vital to maintain all body functions, especially in summer, which allows better detoxification and fat burning. No matter where you go, load a bottle of water. A good tip to avoid sodas or sugar drinks is to load some tea bags, which also metabolism .

Take advantage of the summer to change those habits that are unhealthy, as well as activities that strengthen your self-esteem and confidence, in that way, along with the optimism that is in the environment in this time, you will have the ideal attitude to take care of your figure.

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