Top 10 food for exercise

A very important aspect if you want exercise is the feeding . The purpose of a diet is to offer adequate nutrition for training, recovery and sports competitions, if participating.

There are certain foods that, due to their nutritive contribution, are ideal for these purposes, so in GetQoralHealth we present you the best to do exercise , according to

1. Water: You should drink about 2.75 liters per day, in total, to prevent the dehydration and keep assets kidneys .

2. Tuna: Excellent source of high quality proteins and its own oil contains high amounts of omega 3, protector of the cardiovascular diseases.

3. Spinach: They are rich in iron, a mineral that increases physical performance and stimulates the immune system.

4. Pasta: It is the best source of complex carbohydrates, main suppliers of Energy to the muscles, brain and nervous system .

5. Brown rice: It contains zinc, complex carbohydrates and fiber that allow better absorption of nutrients and not fat. Provide greater Energy .

6. Bananas, pears and oranges : they are excellent sources of potassium, one of the main minerals that reduce fatigue.

7. Lentils : They provide a lot of Energy and proteins, as well as fiber and little fat.

8. Saved : Helps regulate cholesterol and keeps blood sugar levels stable; in addition, prevents ups and downs of Energy thanks to that they contain complex carbohydrates with a lot of fiber, without fat or sugar.

9. Grapes : They bring Energy Immediately. The glucose of the grape is the one that reaches the bloodstream faster and provides more Energy .

10. Low-fat yogurt : It is very valuable for its high calcium content and low fat.

Remember that the goal of a feeding Adequate is to satisfy nutritional needs, avoiding both deficiencies and excesses. Therefore, a proper diet is essential for those who wish to exercise regularly, amateur or professionally.

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