Toning your glutes and legs!

The training with TRX (Suspension Training) allows you to maintain a toned and thin body, since when performing glute exercises with this technique you will tone muscles while burning fat.

According to the portal Vitó , the TRX is to exercise the body with the help of special harnesses and your own weight, you can also work each muscle of your body to gain strength, flexibility and strength.


Toning your glutes and legs!

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Carlos Velázquez, specialist in functional training of Sport City , details that the suspension tool helps you to improve glute exercises such as squats and squats.

If you want to strengthen your body just follow the following routine coach Carlos Velázquez has for you. Cheer up!

Remember to perform some exercises with stable, firm movements, in addition to contracting the abdomen to expedite the results.

The TRX is a very effective technique to achieve a toned body because gluteal exercises are performed with an effort proportional to your physical complexion. And you, are you ready to exercise with TRX?

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