Tones and strengthens muscles during pregnancy

Pregnancy causes the body of the woman be more strong never. Even if up to 5% muscle mass is gained, it is also likely that tone and fitness will be lost during the baby waiting . An exercise routine, however light, helps control weight gain, improve lung capacity and helps women feel better.

What are the abs for in pregnancy?
The abdominal exercises They are very important during pregnancy and after delivery. After the first trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable to practice a more secure version of this type of exercises which consists of supporting the knees and the forearms on the ground (as if it were placed on all fours); relax the muscles of the abdomen, pelvic floor and buttocks. Exhale when you contract the abdominals, pulling the navel toward the spine. Inspire when I relax them. On the other hand, to strengthen the floor of the pelvis: contract the pelvic muscles as if you wanted to hold the urine, but do not squeeze buttocks ; do it 10 times quickly (one contraction every second). Repeat this exercise another 10 times, but now more slowly (once every two seconds) and relax the muscles gradually. Integrate this exercise into your daily routine to prevent urinary incontinence problems.

To tone your pecs, gather the hands at the height of chest and slightly separated from body . Press the palms a few seconds and then relax them. Repeat the movement at eye level and then at waist level in sets of 15 or 20 in each part.

Weights during pregnancy
A moderate weight lifting is convenient to keep the biceps and triceps in shape. If you have hand weights at home, or go to a gym, choose a weight of up to 5 kilos. Stand up, slightly spread your legs; bend your knees and contract your abs a little. Take one weight in each hand , with the palms up . Lift them little by little over the shoulders and stretch the biceps when they are up; Then, turn your palms down and slowly lower your weight while bending your arms (to tone your triceps).

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