Tone your body with Olympic gymnastics

The Olympic Games in London are approaching, so we will see an infinity of disciplines that help to maintain a healthy and fat-free body, like that of the participants. One of them is the gymnastics olympic, which can be practiced since childhood.

In accordance with Vallarta Sport , Olympic gymnastics consists of choreographic compositions combined with body movements performed at different speeds.

Olympic gymnastics requires an exceptional physical condition, so it is recommended to start your practice at an early age. Among its benefits are:

  1. Tone your body
  2. Increase flexibility
  3. Improves body coordination
  4. Develop the individual's basic skills and abilities
  5. Raise the self esteem
  6. Corrects body posture
  7. It promotes emotional stability
  8. Promotes teamwork, camaraderie and respect for others


Olympic gymnastics tests

Olympic gymnastics is divided into different tests, where participants must concentrate to the maximum to show their skills:

Horse jump: It measures speed and power. It consists of a race that ends with an imposed with the feet on a dumper, it is supported with the hands on the horse with great energy and performs an execution of various movements, to a greater degree of difficulty of these, greater value.

Uneven bars: It is the fastest of all because in seconds the gymnasts must make turns, changes between bars, exercises of flight, testing its strength in arms and trunk.

Balance beam: In this the concentration is fundamental; acrobatics and dance movements are performed while maintaining balance on a beam five meters long and only 10 centimeters wide.

Floor: Accompanied by music, the gymnast performs a choreography composed of exercises and amazing acrobatic performances, where he gives a personal touch to his routine.

If you are interested in practicing Olympic gymnastics or taking your children to a class, it is important that you investigate the school and that the instructors have extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to injuries .

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