Tone your body after childbirth

Being a mom is a difficult task that starts from the pregnancy , therefore, specialists recommend making exercise , before and after the Birth . According to studies of Bionics Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center , the yoga It is ideal to eliminate stress and recover your figure after Birth . GetQoralHealth suggests the following positions.

1. Ostrich: Flex your back with your feet separated from the atura of the hip, try to touch the tip of your feet. This position improves your flexibility and tones up your abdomen .

2. Guerrero: Standing, take your right foot to the front, while you carry the weight of your body to the front. Turn the left foot 90 ° out. This asana relieves back pain, defines arms and legs.

3. Cow and cat: Place the knees under the hips, pull out the chest and buttocks. Inhale and exhale bend your back. When making the curve it contracts the abdomen The most you can.

4. Crescent moon: Stand up, stretch your arms up and to one side with your fingers extended. Your head should be between the arms. Take five breaths and change sides. This asana helps define your waist.

5.- Shoemaker: Sit on the floor, bend your knees and bring your heels to your pelvis. Try to lower your knees to the ground. This position helps you strengthen the inner part of the thighs.


With this routine, it will not only define your muscles , you also eliminate the stress of the first months of debut as a mom. To have better results, hold the postures for 30 seconds or if you can for one minute.

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