Tone your arms with circuit training

Circuit training helps you burn more calories than a normal exercise routine and also increases the muscle tone of your entire body, especially the part you choose to work, such as arms.

According to Vitonic portal , the circuit training consists of performing a constant repetition of exercises in a given time to rest a few seconds and continue with another physical activity.

To fully enjoy circuit training, Carlos Velázquez, specialist in functional training of Sport City , explains some exercises you can do from home, since you only need a rope and a lot of energy. Get active!

Coach Carlos Velázquez points out that this exercise routine should be done in a circuit, that is, 15 seconds of work for 15 of recovery, because the goal is to acquire muscle tone.

Remember that the movements you make in a circuit exercise routine should be focused on one area of ​​the body; This requires a previous design, because each activity will be carried out quickly. And you, are you ready to get fit and achieve a slim silhouette?

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