To help someone else

Eugenia Debayle, sister of the announcer, Martha Debayle is hospitalized and although the cause has not been specified, it is speculated in various media that could be due to astroke


Thank you very much for all the expressions of affection and concern regarding Eugenia's health. It's okay. It is progressing. I want to ask for your support to avoid rumors and speculation about Eu's health status and respect for his privacy. "

The stroke It occurs when there is an interruption in the circulation of blood to the brain. Within minutes, the brain cells begin to die.

The severity of damage to the brain will depend on timely medical attention, says the National Library of Medicine of the United States.


To help someone else

Three simple actions can help save the life of someone who needs it, or at least to avoid serious sequelae of a stroke. If any of them can not do them correctly, do not hesitate to take her immediately to a hospital.

1. Ask him to smile.

2. Make him speak. That says a sentence coherently.

3. To raise both arms.


Consequences and treatment

The people who survive a stroke he needs to relearn certain skills since his quality of life is affected by having:

Paralysis or impairments in movement control.

Problems speaking or understanding what is being said.

Emotional alterations.

Rehabilitation can help you learn those skills again. It takes time and patience for the patient's recovery. The support of the relatives is key in the whole process.


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