To avoid falling into excesses

With the holiday festivities also come excesses in food and drink, which negatively impact our health and more when you have diabetes.


This season is when patients present with uncontrolled levels of blood glucose, which means that there was an interruption in the treatment or simply ignored medical recommendations, "says Rosa María Gutiérrez Flores, endocrinologist.

Those who live with diabetes can eat most foods but moderately, they must follow the instructions of their doctors to keep them within the normal limits of blood, which are 70 to 110 mg / dl.

When patients have good control of the disease they are delayed complications of diabetes serious, such as blindness, amputations, kidney failure and heart attacks.


To avoid falling into excesses

1. Slowly chew your food, enjoy it and pause.

2. Try to eat the same portion of carbohydrates that you normally eat. If you plan to eat a portion of dessert, reduce another carbohydrate meal during dinner.

3. Drink only one glass of alcoholic beverage and avoid those drinks that contain combinations with soda, tonics or juices.

4. Do not stay at the table after eating, avoid temptations and walk or dance. Any physical activity you do will help you level your blood glucose levels.

If you passed your hand in celebrations

The specialist recommends the use of blood glucose monitoring equipment. This will allow them to know their sugar levels, whether or not they are above what they usually are, and if they are, they should contact their doctor so that they can indicate the actions for their control.

Living with diabetes can be simple in the way you take care of yourself and prevent any complications. Remember that it is better to prevent than to regret.


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