Summer is the time when you can have a lot of outdoor fun, go to the beach, bike trips or go camping and practice outdoor sports with friends.

However, precautions must be taken to avoid injuries that can cause external hemorrhage . Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time.

In case this happens, you will know what to do with these advice from first aid . To treat external bleeding, you must first consider what type of bleeding it is.


Is it arterial, venous or capillary?

Rapid flow of bright red, can be deep cut to the artery. However, if it is a rapid flow of dark blood, it could be venous. Meanwhile, if the blood flow is slow, it can be capillary, a simple laceration or abrasion.

Here are some first aid tips to treat any type of external bleeding:


  1. Stop the flow of blood and help coagulation. For this, it is necessary to apply pressure, and then squeeze the edges of the wound together. This could be painful or uncomfortable, the applied pressure should be firm.
  2. You must lift and hold the injured limb
  3. Place a sterile dressing on the pad and a bandage. Remember that you should not ensure the bandage too tight as it can cause circulation problems.

If the bleeding is severe, it is best to take the patient to a hospital for medical treatment. Do not let injuries ruin your day. You should always be prepared and be sure to keep a first aid kit handy.