Tips to run by Amanda Rosa

Running is a way to be in shape and free those tensions and the stress accumulated, so it is important to learn to enjoy it and take into account the necessary conditions to do it correctly, as a good heating routine and an adequate breathing technique .

In this sense, in an interview with GetQoralHealth , the driver Amanda Rosa da Silva gives us some recommendations to make it a pleasant activity and also lead you to meet the goals you set:

When exercising, whether it's running, walking or any other physical activity, muscles need more oxygen . Therefore, it is normal that when we run we lack the breathing .

The lungs they work much more intensively to absorb this oxygen of the air we breathe, so it's also important to be comfortable and breathe OK when doing an activity. Therefore we present some tips for a better technique, according to

1. You can choose a foot to start the cycle of inhalation and exhalation , for example, the right and left foot respectively. When your right foot touches the floor, inhale and when your left foot does the same, exhale.

2. You breathing It must be deep at the beginning. Take a breath from the stomach, this will help reduce horse pain.

3. You can include a rhythmic pattern. Take two steps to inhale and another two to exhale. If you run very slowly, the number can be increased and vice versa if you run very fast.

4. While running, your jaw should be relaxed and your mouth should open a little. It will help you breathe easier and in a better way.

5. Run in a quiet environment. Running on a street or avenue will not help you follow the breathing pattern because of distractions

Remember that learning a good breathing technique will make you a more efficient runner, your endurance will improve, and your physical activity will also be more fun and relaxing.

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Video Medicine: Tips para correr por Amanda Rosa da Silva (May 2024).