Tips to practice yoga

The yoga Strengthens the body and makes it more flexible . In addition, it calms the mind and gives Energy . In the classes of yoga , students report that they feel calm after a class and acquire more Energy .

Slow and constant movements are the key to entering or leaving postures. If you maintain a position of yoga for several seconds or minutes, you will feel fuller and quiet .

If you correctly perform the yoga postures there are very few possibilities of injuring muscles . A asana In particular, it is not repeated dozens of times.

A session of yoga is designed to maintain Balance . It stretches to the right and then to the left. It leans back and then forward.

Through him yoga , you learn to recognize when one side is stronger or more flexible than the other. So, with practice, you get harmonybody balance I emotional .



People of all ages can practice yoga . Do not be afraid of the difficult asanas that are sometimes seen in a book of yoga .

Remember that a good teacher can adapt most of the asanas using chairs, cushions, even a wall or other accessories.

The yoga It is good to increase your flexibility and relieve the stress , but if you want to achieve not only a emotional change , but also physical, it is recommended that you combine yoga with some exercise aerobic or cardiovascular .

Both help lose weight and, for people with type 2 diabetes, will allow them to have better control of the glucose in his blood.