Tips to make your body more flexible

We have always known that stretching is practically mandatory before, during and after practicing any exercise or sport.

However, stretching serves many other things: it helps us maintain our flexibility, reduce muscle tension, improve posture and prevent injuries.

Experts in physical therapies advise to perform elongation, breathing and opening activities muscles , joints and tendons. There are about 80 body therapies. It depends on us to select the one that best suits our well-being.

Recommendations for stretching

Given that almost all of us have contracted muscles, the following exercises will help to lengthen it:

1. Protective stretch of the back and back muscles of the thigh : Sitting on the floor flexes one leg and fully stretches the other.

Lean forward and try to touch the fingers of the extended leg. Hold the position while slowly counting to 20 and relax. Do it again. Change your leg and repeat the procedure.

Lengthen your body

2. Stretching of the hip: Lie on your back. Extend one leg and take the other to the chest, bending the knee and holding it below it. Hold the position while you count up to 5. Repeat one more time and change legs.

3. Stretching of shoulders: With the straight arms placed at the back, take one wrist with the other hand and stretch both arms slowly back, separating them from the column as much as possible.

Force the movement as long as it does not produce pain or discomfort. Hold for a few seconds, trying not to arch your neck, and then relax. Change hands and repeat the stretch.

4. Standing posture: Stand with your back to a wall, feet a few inches from it. Bend your knees and place your lower back against the wall.

Support the head and stretch the neck as much as possible; try to touch the wall. Stay in this position while you count to five. Inhale and exhale; Repeat this five times and you will notice how your body gets longer.

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