Tips to learn to run

If you have decided run regularly as a form of practical training for lose weight You are on the right path.

Run is a good activity that could provide your body with a cardiovascular exercise or aerobic ideal. To the run sweats deeply, a sign that your body metabolizes faster and burning stored fats, but you have to do it well and safely. If you are a beginner, here are some useful tips to serve as a guide.

The exercise Regular is ideal. You get more energy, the possibilities of developing a disease of the heart reduced, You sleep better , tea relax Y you will lose weight .

1. Before starting programs of exercise It is convenient that you consult your doctor. Especially if you have problems of heart , obesity , respiratory disease Y chronic fatigue .

2. Start with a hiking program . You can run or walk shorter distances at the beginning of the program.

3. Little by little, you can increase the distance, duration and weekly frequency.


Oxygenate your heart

The run and other exercises, when done correctly, can help the heart can less. When the heart beats slower, especially during your hours of relaxation (such as bedtime or getting up in the morning) means that the heart It is pumping more blood successfully throughout the body in each beat.

Make a simple test. Make your heart can per minute every day, immediately after waking up in the morning.

If your pulse is higher today than yesterday, it means that you are exaggerating your exercise. Continue with your program when the heart rate normalizes.

1. Listen to your body. After run It is normal that you feel tired. There could even be tolerable muscular pains.

2. Be alert If you feel dizzy or if you experience chest pains after the activity. This may mean that you have exaggerated and exceeded the threshold. When you feel this, reduce the training and immediately request the opinion of your doctor.

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