Tips for the best sports shoes

Using the sports shoe adequate, acts in the first instance as the line of defense against any danger and injury, while benefiting the user to reach their full potential.

However, the choice is not simple, it depends a lot on the sport activity that you intend to make. Therefore, here are some tips so you know how to choose:

1. Know your standing type . There are three types: neutral arc, medium arc (overpronator) and high arc (underpronator). One way to identify your type of foot is through your footprint. A foot with a neutral arc shows a different curve along the inside of the foot, which connects the heel and the toe.

This is the type of pronation of the normal foot, which means that when you set it on the ground, the outer part of your feet rolls inward to absorb the blows. The middle arch rolls too far in so that the impression shows a slight curve on the outside of the foot.

The foot with a high arch, does not have enough pronation, so its impression has a very sharp curve, showing a narrow strip that joins the heel and toe, because the outside of the foot does not rotate uniformly inwards, it accumulates great Part of stress .


Tips to know how to buy

2. Choose the shoe compatible with your foot type . For the neutral arch foot, the stability sports shoes are appropriate. Manufactured with supreme durability and cushioning, these shoes offer medium support.

The medium instep works best with motion control shoes to reduce excessive foot balance inward. To facilitate the movement of the foot, people with high arches need to use padded shoes. These have a soft and curved or semi-curved midsole.

3. Take note of the size . Make sure the shoes fit you. Remember that tight shoes cause blisters and buried nails.

The shoe with the most suitable space leaves about half an inch on the toe, providing enough space for when the foot swells during the run. The best shoe, keeps your foot in place comfortably so that when running or walking, the heel does not slip up or down.

4. Try the shoes . Ideally, before you buy them, walk several minutes. Another important point: Buy shoes in the afternoon; when your feet are in their largest size. And because your feet have different measures, one is always bigger than the other; confirm that you feel comfortable.

5. Do not buy, just because they look good . When it comes to running shoes, the function comes before the style. So do not fall into the temptation of buying the most modern or the most elegant, but buy the shoes that allow you run to perfection.

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