Tips for practicing yoga

ANDl yoga It is a difficult discipline at the beginning. The asanas or positions are slow and are not meant to be painful, but this does not mean they are not challenging.

Remember that you should never spread too much if it bothers you. With practice, you will achieve relaxation easily. However, for beginners there are some tips when practicing yoga :

1. Release all your thoughts, good or bad before you start.2. Turn off your phone or cell phone.3. Inhale, inflating the stomach, and exhale with the mouth; Take out all the air.4. Take a good bath.5. Wear comfortable clothes6. You can use aromatherapy to help you relax.7. Before performing the yoga postures, buy a mat, so that you feel about it and practice the movements in a comfortable and safe way. 8. If you are in an internal place, regulate the light, or if you are outside, place yourself where you receive the rays of the sun.9. If possible, listen to relaxing music, as instrumental or sounds of the sea.

These are just some recommendations that you must take into account before practicing this millenary discipline. The yoga it's not just a exercise , but it includes the mind, intelligence and reflection in the action.