Tips for good nutrition

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is essential at any stage of life. Aging does not mean neglecting our eating habits or appearance. Therefore, we present some tips of the Evaluation and Nutritional Control of the Elderly that the IMSS made this 2010.

1.- Avoid foods with few nutrients such as table sugar Y refined flours .

2.- Reduces the intake of simple carbohydrates , since hypoglycemia can develop.

3.- Cooking not only taking into account their nutritional requirements, but also the tastes and desires of the elderly.

4.- Includes, with the advice of an expert, vitamin supplements like calcium , vitamin D, B, folic acid, magnesium, iron, etc.

5.- Consume large amount of natural foods .

6.- Eat food rich in fiber , to improve your bowel function.

7.- Exercise constantly and gradually, to favor the increase of appetite, which many times in this stage of life, is lost.

8.- Avoid drinks rich in caffeine or alcohol .

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