Tips against couple conflicts for money

In a society in which more and more women have access to better jobs and salaries, there are still men who feel bad about earning less than they do, because they are guided by the comparison and the prejudice that it is they, who should be the providers Absolutes of the family, which can generate conflicts of couple.

Mario Granados, psychologist at the Universidad del Valle de México , explains that this conflict has to do with a belief rooted in our society, which teaches that men should be responsible for all or most of the family expenses, delegating to the woman the tasks related to the care of the house and the children "

In addition, she adds: "Other factors that can foment this discomfort are the fear that she made her own decisions without consulting it, which creates a feeling of independence in women.

"In addition to the fear of being pointed out by others, be they friends or family, for not being the main economic source; as well as a feeling of envy generated by the success of women, which often generates power struggles within the couple. "


Tips against couple conflicts for money

Some of the specialist's recommendations to avoid misunderstandings and negative feelings towards the couple to earn more are:

  1. Always have a good communication based on trust, where feelings manifest openly.
  2. Support and support mutual successes and failures.
  3. Reinforce self-esteem to avoid falling into insecurities.
  4. Value work and self-growth.
  5. Avoid comparisons.

The strength and cohesion existing in a relationship are in respect, communication and sharing with the other. "Self-esteem is the strength of your voice." If you want to know more information write to

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