Timely diagnosis saves your sight

Between 2 and 4% of Mexicans, that is, between 600 thousand and one million 250 thousand Mexicans, suffer from glaucoma; the first cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, however, it can be prevented if detected early, according to the Mexican College of Glaucoma (CMG)

Glaucoma is an irreversible chronic optic neuropathy that is detected with the loss of the layer of nerve fibers and anatomical changes in the optic nerve, which decreases the visual field and an increase in ocular pressure is recorded.


Timely diagnosis saves your sight

This disease is an asymptomatic disease, so it is essential that people go to a specialist.

A medical history should be generated and a physical examination should be carried out, including five basic steps to detect it in time, says the doctor. Andrés Morales González, doctor of the Department of Glaucoma of the Institute of Ophthalmology, Count of Valenciana .

  1. Visual acuity test
  2. Analysis with slit lamp
  3. Take intraocular pressure
  4. Perform a gonioscopy. Determine the angle status of the eye to determine the type of glaucoma.
  5. Exploration of the optic nerve, cornerstone of the diagnosis, since it is what gives the certainty.


Risk factor's

Some risk factors for glaucoma are genetic predisposition, age, prolonged use of steroids, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and high myopia.

Therefore, the doctor Vincent Korder Ortega, consulting physician of the Glaucoma Service of the Conde de Valenciana Ophthalmology Institute , recommends people to have a visual examination at least once a year.

Remember that glaucoma does not heal, however, it can be adequately contracted if detected early, through medical treatment that maintains stable intraocular pressure levels.

Therefore, within the framework of World Glaucoma Week , which is commemorated from March 10 to 16, the CMG and MSD promote the awareness of society in favor of prevention, correct diagnosis and adequate control of the disease. And you, when was the last time you visited the eye doctor?

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