Time for love ...

Beyond love, the success of a relationship depends on the trust that exists in the couple. However, there are actions such as infidelity that can fracture this element; Although the cold weather could help you to be more faithful and affectionate with your partner.

According to a study by the company Lovehoneyis, published on the website Psychology of Human Sexuality , men prefer to have intimacy in winter. According to the analysis, which counted the participation of 114 men, revealed that not only the cold improves the quality of the semen but the male libido.


Time for love ...

Infidelity is a situation that is commonly related to the area of ​​sexuality, consisting in maintaining sexual intercourse alternate during a formal or stable relationship. However, affective disloyalty, which can occur alongside sexual infidelity It can generate more damage.

This situation occurs frequently in summer, as indicated by Frances Cohen, clinical psychologist and author of the book "Mujeres atrevidas" , since high temperatures influence theeroticism of people, coupled with it, the use of lighter garments and the holiday period offers the opportunity to have a love affair.

The elements that interact in the infidelity They can be diverse. According to a study published by the magazine Proceedings of the United States Academy of Sciences , men with high amounts of oxytocin (known as the hormone of trust) in the brain they see their partners more attractive than those with lower levels.

And in the case of women, infidelity occurs to a greater extent during the preovulatory periods, at which time testosterone levels rise (hormone From the wish).

Remember that no matter the season of the year, the most important thing is to be faithful to yourself and not harm others. Be good, it depends on you!

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