Thus they pay homage to 'Frida' the Mexicans, even in a hot cake

Good morning, let us continue to pray for our brothers who are suffering without a home and without food. Enjoy your meal.

- Daniel (@DanielRubrik) September 24, 2017


Finding a pleasant image in times of tragedy is not usual, but 'Frida' has already become a symbol of pride and identity for Mexicans, but above all of encouragement and hope, after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that shook part of the country on September 19.

This farmer, who belongs to the rescue binomials of the Secretariat of the Navy, whom in Japan and call it 'Marina-Chan', already had in his possession 52 rescues, before this September and at this point adds about 80, what that causes his image to repeat itself everywhere.

The fact that a little girl turns her toys into an emulation of the most famous four-legged superhero, is already an aid to the reconstruction of the mind; that a young man decides to tattoo it on his arm; the making of drawings and serigraphs as a way to collect funds for the victims; and the fact that everyone talks about it, shows us that these quadrupeds have been inserted into our hearts.

It is true, there are many other heroes, Eco, Baldo, Evil, Titan, Yona, Smoke ... But, no one can deny it, Frida is the most charming robacariños, to all of them our eternal admiration.

In my daughter's game, today the dog became a heroine. #FridaRescatista #heroescaninos #SismoCDMX

- Karla Robles (@Khristtina) September 23, 2017


Not to mention more. #FridaRescatista

- Dan Jafét (@Jafhet) September 23, 2017


Puppies deserve more than a place in the history of Mexico #FridaRescatista

- EDM Exclusives (@EDMExclusivesMx) September 22, 2017


When you want to be like your idol #FridaRescatista # FuerteMéxico

- Ares Pinto (@ares_pinto) September 23, 2017


I made a Banksy for the occasion #Frida #FridaRescatista @therealbanksy

- Iggy Tutsi Pop (@annapunk) September 23, 2017

Thanks for both Eco, #Frida and Evil, four-legged heroes #FuerzaMexico

- Alan (@AlanBrv) September 23, 2017


#Frida the new hero of # Mexico

- Fundación Ceba (@fundCeba) September 23, 2017


My creative contribution with this commemorative illustration. #fuerzamexico #rescateprimero #heroescaninos #PerrosDeRescate #frida

- Charal Santino (@SantinoCharal) September 22, 2017


#Frida that is not #fridasofia!

- Peter Olms (@PeterOlms) September 23, 2017

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