Three steps to overcome the guilt

As I imagine that the guilts sometimes do not let you act in the right way. Guilt is a feeling that prevents us from enjoying the present moment, since it immobilizes us because of past behavior. Therefore, it is important that you learn to overcome the faults.

If you feel bad for having studied a little, for arguing with your partner, for not preparing dinner on time, for not spending more time with your children, for not going to visit your parents more often, for saying no.

The two most useless feelings we have throughout our lives are: guilt for what we have done and concern for what we could do.

These two polar opposites arise when we transgress a norm or believe we have done it. Therefore, self-reproach makes us suffer and can lead us to modify our behavior.

Why do we worry and get paralyzed by something that may or may not happen in the future and over which we have no control? Both emotions are negative and prevent us from living the present with tranquility.

However, both guilt and worry are the most common manifestations of anguish in our culture that can be overcome with these tips:

  1. Close the doors of the past.
  2. Defend your opinions in an assertive, positive way, without blackmail, manipulations or demands.
  3. Show your point of view in a non-tax constructive way, so you will not be the victim of guilt but not the exploiter of it either.

We must assimilate that we are not always going to be accepted by all, that it is impossible to please everyone, that is why we have to learn to discern what is right from what is wrong for ourselves exclusively.And you, how do you overcome your feelings of guilt or reproach? If you want to know more information about the fault, click here.

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Video Medicine: 3 Steps To Overcoming Guilt (June 2024).