Three roads to choose from!

An unplanned pregnancy does not necessarily mean that it is unwanted, because at the moment a woman finds out that she is going to be a mother she can decide to continue with the process, she says. psychologist Paola Hamui .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the specialist of the Patient Assistance Clinic of the Sicoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM) She details that the woman faces mixed emotions, that is, feels surprised, anguished, happy.

However, that range of emotions depends on each woman, because different factors such as age and the time they are living to make the decision that suits you.


Three roads to choose from!

Paola Hamui details that upon learning of pregnancy, women should be aware that "it is time to make decisions, either alone or with the couple, if they are lucky enough to have their support," which may have three ways:

1. Stay with the baby
2. Give it up for adoption
3. Interrupting pregnancy

"Each of these three options has its consequences and difficulties", for example, in the first case, the couple must be clear about the need to have a support network, define priorities and acquire the challenge of being a mother.

During unplanned pregnancy it is important to maintain a positive attitude that allows you to face the challenge you are living, accept the responsibility that comes with being a mother and divide the time between the two.

All the above will give you satisfactions like being a mother, being able to give love and affection to a person who came into your life.

In case any woman needs help to overcome the situation, it is advisable to go with a specialist from the beginning; however, the support of family members is the most important. And you, how do you prevent an unplanned pregnancy?

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