Thread of kings has fewer calories than a granola bar

This weekend is the departure of the traditional thread of kings and if you are one of those who are thinking twice before eating it, for fear of getting fat, do not limit yourself! The threads of kings are not as caloric as you think, it's even healthier than a granola bar ...

And this is due to two things, firstly that the thread prepared in traditional bakeries does not contain as many preservatives or processed ingredients, and the second is that granola bars are not as healthy as we think.

100 grams of kings thread can contain on average 359 calories 24.75g of sugar and 6.92g of protein, while 100 grams of granola bars can contain 400 calories, 31g of sugar and barely 3g of protein.

So, eat your slice of thread without so much guilt (and in passing change the bars for some sticks of celery). We recommend you select a piece that does not have the sugar crust, remove the caramelized fruit and serve a small piece, so by the way you have less chance of the monkey coming out!

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