Those who use it most ...

When you stop practicing something for a long time, it is normal to forget the technique, fear arise or think more about the consequences (accidents). All this takes hold of you and does not allow you to experience things or get new achievements.

"What is learned is never forgotten". This phrase applies very well when you wantgo back to riding a bicycle after years of not using it.

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However, avoid that your fears they invade you Reassemble the bike at the time you want. For example, I returned to shoot at age 26, practiced in the block where I lived and, thanks to the support of a friend, I joined groups of cyclists who gave me tips to use the bicycle: from how to handle it and know the parts that they integrate it, until I improve my balance.

The more I practiced, the more I felt my health improved. I checked that I made less time in the transfers to my different destinations (sometimes up to half of what it took in public transport), and above all, I enjoyed the feeling of freedom to go wherever I wanted at the time I wanted.

All this made me fall in love with the bike. More than a hobby I adopted it as my way of life, with the objective not only of helping me but also to contribute to the protection of the environment; that is, avoid polluting with more cars in the city.


Those who use it most ...

According to "Applied Social Research S.C., Cycling Counts", The age group with the highest number of users in Mexico ranges from 20 to 29 years old, with 32.3%; it is followed by the group of 30 to 39 years old, with 25.3%.

This means that a large part of bicycle users are adults and not children; now it has become a means of transportation and lifestyle.

If you are curious to relive what it was for you to ride a bicycle, do not stay with the desire; ask for a loan, re-sign it or visit a "bicycle" for adults. I am sure that you will enjoy your first walk in it and you will experience the old sensations again.

Organize family outings, with friends or join a group of cyclists to learn new things, enjoy the company and take advantage of mutual support. Feel the good vibes and try it!

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