This stains your skin ...

Why is the skin ? Not only long exposure to the sun affects your appearance, it also influences the frequent use of some things like appliances or beauty products.

The World Association of Dermatology notice that the use of sunscreen reduces the impact of the sun's rays on your skin. However, it is recommended to take other measures to prevent the appearance of spots by other circumstances.


This stains your skin ...


1. Fire

If you are exposed to high temperatures, you damage the cells

When you expose your skin to high temperatures or to fire (stoves or roasters), you damage the cells and as a consequence, the skin is stained. One way to prevent it is to use gloves.


2. Spotlights

Artificial light emits electromagnetic radiation that is very harmful to the skin because the stain. That is why it is important to use sunscreen even indoors.


3. Electronic devices

Refrigerators, microwaves, computers or televisions damage the deeper layers of the skin, causing darkening.


4. Cell phones

The waves that the mobiles emit alter the biological composition of the cells, which causes the spots on the skin; They can even promote the development of skin cancer.


5. Tanning products

The side effects of stimulation of the skin and melanocytes for tanning are progressive. It may not be noticeable in the first sessions, but the body weakens and the spots appear later.

The ideal is to avoid the use of tanning beds or beauty products that give color to the skin.


Protect yourself!

One way to prevent skin spots is to use a sunscreen suitable for your type of epidermis; wear clothing with sleeves; Exfoliate your body to eliminate dead cells and drink water during the day.

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