This is what you gain by consuming soy sprouts

Nowadays, it is known that certain seeds bring many benefits to our health, this is the case ofThe soybean germinated.

According to a study published by The National Institute of Health , is an excellent option to 'keep the line', since it is reduced in calories and provides energy.


These are the benefits that the soybean sprouts in your health, know them!

1. It has a high presence of proteins of vegetable origin, so it is recommended for those with overweight, in treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and osteoporosis.

2. Thanks to the isoflavones that it concentrates, substances that behave in a similar way to estrogen, balances the symptoms of menopause and promotes fertility in women.

3. For men, consuming it daily helps in the prevention of prostate cancer, because in this organ there are high amounts of estrogen.

4. They are regulators of the digestive functions, since being richer in water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber, they improve digestion, fight constipation and promote satiety.

5. All sprouts present something called "vital essence", so they provide the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.



How to enjoy them?

It is recommended to eat them when they are fresh, that is, their shoots should be white and in that state to avoid their oxidation, otherwise they could lose their nutritional properties.

It is also better to make it raw or cooked for a short time in salads and soups.


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