This is what the sheets of some hotels hide

When you stay in a hotel, it is expected that the sheets are clean, minimum. But, to our horror, a video shows that not all hotels change the bedding between guests.

In a video for Inside Edition, reporters stayed at a Residence Inn by Marriot in New York. They sprayed the sheets with invisible paint before leaving and, the next day, they returned to the hotel to register with another name. When they examined the bed, they discovered that the sheets had not been washed because the paint was still there.

Before the horrible discovery, the reporters called the manager, who said that the sheets are changed daily and, on this occasion, he did not know what had happened.

The worst thing is that the Residence Inn was not the only place where they left the dirty sheets: the reporters repeated the experiment in nine other hotels, of which three left the same sheets that other guests had used.

It is chilling to think about the kind of matter (dead cells, hair, sweat and other body fluids ...) that can be impregnated in the dirty sheets of a hotel. In case of doubt, bring our own sheets and covers. Would that be too much paranoia?

Video Medicine: See Which Hotels Were Caught Not Changing Bedsheets for New Guests (December 2023).