This is the key to look sensational!

If you have a party at the door or just want to improve your image and health, surely you want to burn body fat quickly. The good news is that you can achieve it through your diet.

In the following video of Tips to lose weight, Deya Cano he explains the foods basic to burn fat in autumn and winter, and enjoy the body you've wanted so much.


This is the key to look sensational!

According to researchers from the Harvard University , body fat is stored when more calories are ingested than those that are burned with physical activity.

It is therefore important that a good diet is accompanied by the practice of some physical activity, since by doing so, your body uses calories as a source of energy, which prevents the accumulation of body fat.

So you have no pretexts to get fit and lose weight effectively. For you to cheer up, Deya Cano gives you practical tips to stay fit and burn fat.

Do not forget that the key to reducing your body's measurements and maintaining an adequate weight is the adoption of healthy habits, such as exercise, a balanced diet and good hydration.

You do not need a great effort, it is a question that you propose and fulfill short-term goals, in this way you will notice immediate results and your self-esteem will improve every day. And you, how do you burn body fat?

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