This is the effect of keeping secrets in your health ...

Who do not have secrets? It is totally valid; However, what you hide could be reflected in a negative way in your well-being ...

Scientists from Columbia University conducted two surveys in which they identified 38 secrets that people commonly keep and found that just thinking about them has detrimental effects on our well-being.

And not only that, having secrets could also affect your ability to perform well at work.

The secrets identified range from emotional infidelity, sexual behaviors, or even having romantic thoughts about someone else who was not your partner.

During the study, the authors asked the participants to think about the times they had to hide their secret during the month, and how often they thought about their secret, even when they should not hide it.

The results showed that people thought twice more about their secret unnecessarily and it was on these occasions that the participants said how their well-being worsened, because it caused them anxiety and made them doubt their own authenticity.

This is because "secrets exercise a gravitational pull of our attention," said Malia Mason, one of the authors.

In addition to diminishing the sense of well-being and the consequences of physical health, having secrets can also change a person's focus and distract them towards the secret that they keep, which can clearly have a detrimental effect on the performance of the task.

Video Medicine: Keeping Secrets Is Bad For Your Health (December 2022).