This is not ... a diet

In GetQoralHealth we want to keep you updated on the advances in health issues that interest you, and you need, so we present 3 new publications that will undoubtedly become your guide to improve your health and habits.


This is not ... a diet

If you just listen to the word "diet you get scared, this plan will make you think differently." This plan is designed to lose weight naturally. Lylian Le Goff and the naturopath Laurence Salomon , this option presents you with varied and balanced menus to enjoy your meals without losing the line; besides avoiding the "bounce".



They are named in this way due to their great contribution of essential nutrients that strengthen the immune system, fight chronic diseases and promote well-being. In this publication you will find valuable information, for example.

Cabbage. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
Lentils Improve the control of blood glucose in patients with diabetes.
Pistaches They help reduce cholesterol levels.
Rosemary. It protects the brain from diseases such as Alzheimer's.
Yogurt. It helps reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.

Superfoods, also includes recipes, glossary and nutritional tables so you can better know what you eat.


Feed your youth

If you are looking to improve your appearance but you are afraid of surgical methods this is your option. The renowned dietitian Elizabeth Peyton It offers you a revolutionary diet plan that works mainly so that you do not lose energy during the day and that you shine a firm and fresh skin.

This publication offers you an explicit guarantee: the first two weeks you will begin to feel less; One month later you will be full of energy and with 3 months you will feel 5 years younger.

If you have already seen one of your goals reflected in one of these 3 publications, rest assured that they are works carried out by experts and that you will undoubtedly learn to make better decisions for your health.

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