This is how each alcoholic beverage affects your emotions ...

"I drink to forget ...", said Frida Kahlo, and, you? When choosing your drink at the bar, believe it or not, you are deciding how you are going to feel, the reason why you opt for tequila, after a fight with the couple, and for vodka when it comes to celebrating success.

And it is that according to a study published in the BMJ Open , and realized in London, it was found that those who like to consume red wine and beer (52.8%), experience greater confidence in themselves, in addition to being more relaxed.

However, the body responds differently to each type of liquor ...

Spiritual drinks

In more familiar words, they are all those that come from an agricultural raw material (nuts, cane ...). In this category are brandy, whiskey, gin and vodka.

These substances can cause, in 40% of the cases, that we feel sexier, with greater energy, and of course, with an optimistic mood.

Amaretto, vermouth ...

They are other liquors that can induce other types of emotional states; example, anger, restlessness, sadness ...

The research also points out that the sentimental response to each drink is variable; It depends on each person, so the effect that tequila has on you is not the same as what it causes in your friend.

However, being substances that can damage health it is important that you moderate their consumption, to avoid any risk. Remember, the solution to the problems will never escape!

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