This is how a

If it made you wait more than an hour to attend (and did not apologize) or did not have the delicacy to pay attention to your speech, surely you are in front of a "lout ”.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the psychologist Teresa Díaz, partner and founder of Psychotherapy in the Mountain, says that "patanes" take advantage of the power that they have to control and subdue others.

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Those who have this behavior were educated in an environment where the ideology of patriarchy prevails, in which men have a series of 'privileges' over women and children. By this they believe that they can subdue those who have less power than they. "


That feeling of superiority and that 'right' to submit, control and mistreat others reflect it at a socioeconomic, verbal, physical, institutional or sexual level. "

However, the co-author of the book "29 keys to finding a partner" points out that these people will only be charming, complacent and attentive to their superiors.


This is how a "bumpkin" behaves

Normally, the boors choose the conversation topic and he is the protagonist of the meetings; asks and orders the things of tax and authoritarian manner; makes judgments about people and not about actions, tasks or situations.

Another characteristic is physical and verbal aggression, as well as the omission of information because they think it is a way to control others. Do you want to know more? Check the infographic.

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