This can happen to your child by watching TV at night

In a week of holidays a child can pass up32 hours In front of the television, almost half happens late at night. This causes some changes in their behavior, but do you know what the Negative effects in children by watching TV at night?

According to a study of the University of Seville , the lack of parental control in periods of vacation translates into greater intensity of television habit and a higher calorie consumption.

Small bosses

For Susana Salazar Gómora, psychoanalyst of children and adolescents Center of Studies of Specialization in Psychological Studies of the Infancy (CEEPI) , the fact that the parents continue with their work responsibilities while the children have vacations leaves the minors the power to decide on their habits.


It is they who choose until what time and what do you want to see on TV, and most of the time the content It is not the most suitable


Among the recommendations to avoid the negative effects on children from watching TV at night, is to performfamily activities with respect to the times of the parents and the schedules feeding, and clarify to the child that he can only sleep and get up one hour later than usual.

Collateral damage

1. Creativity and limited expression . Being glued to the television deteriorates the imagination and generation of new thoughts. The only contact is with the screen and there is no interaction.

2. Irritability. Children give more importance to a device which causes distance with friends and family; at the same time they lose the notion of space and time, and they become less tolerant.

3. Alteration of the dream. The saturation of information and visual stimuli make it more difficult to fall asleep quickly, and even provoke nightmares .

4. Family crisis Limit the communication with dads and the closer the start of classes are generated discussions to resume habits.

5. Physical damage. A sedentary lifestyle and weight gain will affect their reintegration into school activities, and long term continuous exposure may damage hearing and vision .

According to the specialist, children can pass up to 6 hours in front of the television on holiday, compared to Three hours that on average they see during school periods .

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