Thinness is something beautiful for children

Little children of 4 years, think that being thin is beautiful, which invites us to reflect about the associations of thinness and beauty that media They transmit to the little ones.

This was published in the newspaper Body Imageen; however, this information is not the first to show that children develop opinions about body weight at an early age. A study in 2010 that appeared in the publication Sex Roles, found that children between 3 and 5 years of age were in favor of thinness.

At new study , Australian researchers asked 160 children and young adults to align (classify) the attractiveness of female bodies. They showed the participants 6 images of the same woman with the right body and weight according to the Body Mass Index. In 5 of the images, the photo had been modified by making the woman seem thinner (thinner) or fatter (emphasizing only the body since her face was covered).

The surprise was that children under 4 years classified as "the most beautiful body " to the thinnest silhouette (thin) compared to the original of adequate weight.

The conclusions given to this study are the concern to the exposure of children to the media and the ideas of image and body in adults that they express. You could expect girls and boys they will fall more and more in love with the thinness who watch on TV, movies and videos.

In Australia , study country, the beginning of rejection of obese people have also been detected in previous investigations.

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