Thick, healthy and abundant?

Do you know what the uses of hair are? It protects us from the cold and helps us to preserve the heat of the body, since we lose 90% of it through the head. Inside the nose and ears, it gives protection against dust and pollen.

In the case of men, the hair (or the lack of it) determines the personality. A study by Opinion Matters for the brand of shampoos Head & Shoulders, points out that for men of the 21st century, it is a primordial element of their appearance that helps them reflect their sensuality.


Thick, healthy and abundant?

Undoubtedly, one of the most common concerns in men is hair density. One in three Europeans believes that having healthy hair is synonymous with virility and confidence.

Even more than half say that they use different cuts and hairstyles to express themselves or communicate something of themselves, either to "meet a new person" or "go to their first date".

For their part, the French are the ones who most trust their hair as a strong point of their personality. Spaniards are not left behind: two out of three confess to using their hairstyle to express themselves.


White hair?

In the aforementioned study, seven out of 10 Europeans said they had envied the hair of other men. In this sense, George Clooney would be the most envied (among men) and most desired (by women), followed by that of Brad Pitt.

As for gray hair, they are increasingly accepted among men, because they provide a more interesting, masculine, "sexy" and irresistible personality.

Some of the most handsome men, who have conquered more hearts on the big screen or the stages, have managed to seduce many women for their lack of hair.

From the look of Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel to the safety and confidence of athletes Zinedine Zidane or André Agassi, many men today wear baldness without complexes.

For many women baldness is synonymous with masculinity, a perception that is related to the fact that men without hair generate more testosterone or sex drive hormone. And you, how do you prefer plentiful hair or sensual baldness?

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