They discover protein that fights obesity

One of the main health problems is obesity, and not precisely because of the appearance, but because of the health complications that it can cause, for this, some scientists have discovered a protein that fights obesity.

Researchers of Science Transnational Medicine , reveal that they have discovered that obesity can be combated by means of a protein that modifies dietary preferences. This is the GDF15.

It is a substance that remains a short time in the plasma and therefore, it is difficult to produce it in large quantities.

It allows to reduce the percentage of body fat, the insulin in the bloodstream and levels of cholesterol in the blood .


According to WHO data, at least 2.8 million people die each year from this disease.

Thanks to the GDF15 , the statistics of obesity in the world will be able to reduce and the quality of life with overweight people will improve significantly.

Research continues, it is important that in case of obesity, you tell this alternative to your doctor, so that together they find the optimal treatment for you.

Video Medicine: Weighing the Facts of Obesity (March 2021).