They create vaccine against HIV in the US

Researchers of the Western University of Canada perform clinical trials with humans of a vaccine for the prevention of Virus of Human Immunodeficiency (HIV)

The US authorities approved the investigations of the vaccine , which for the first and only time is based on a virus dead whole called HIV-1, genetically modified to not be pathogenic.

The specialists explained that the doses used to combat disease are based on specific HIV components, that is, vaccinations genetics that use the recombination of DNA or recombined viruses that carry the genes of HIV .

The dose developed by the doctor Chil-Yong Kang from Western University , together with the company Sumagen Canada, uses the same approach as vaccinations against poliomyelitis , the Rage wave hepatitis A, when using all of the virus what are these diseases to produce the vaccine .

The researchers said that the vaccine it has been tested to "stimulate strong immunological responses in preliminary toxicological tests, without any adverse effects or safety risks".

With this discovery, the lives of millions of people around the world could be lengthened by preventing infection of HIV, "Kang said.

The infection of HIV AIDS It has caused the death of more than 28 million people around the world. In addition, 35 million people are currently infected with the virus which was officially discovered in 1983.

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