They are slow to respond to messages by ...

When you finally found the perfect excuse to write a message to that boy you like so much or your partner, you feel that your heart goes out before giving "send" but still you do it; The real nightmare begins when time passes and he does not answer.

The seconds become minutes, the minutes hours, which become endless and can make you think a thousand things.


An error that women make is to think that just as we answer the messages immediately, they will do the same and if we do not, we begin to weave stories or draw erroneous conclusions, "he explains. Claudia Gutiérrez Flores , PhD in Psychology from the UNAM with a specialty in applied psychology to health.


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Stop 'break' your head thinking that maybe he does not love you, is not interested in you or is with another. The specialist exposes some reasons why men respond late messages . Take note!

1. They think that responding immediately would be too interested or vulnerable and could be counterproductive in their desire to conquer.

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