They also prepare!

Every minute, in Mexico, four men become parents; since it is the average number of births in the country, according to figures from National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). But nevertheless, Is it possible for a man to suffer from hormonal alterations as a result of paternity?

Although women are the ones who have the capacity to have a child, men are not excepted from the physical and emotional changes that originate during pregnancy and after it; example, is the decrease in testosterone they experience, as stated in a study of the American Journal of Human Biology.


They also prepare!

For Robin Edelstein of the University of Michigan, and leader of the research, these changes could have a psychological cause; as a reaction form that helps man face fatherhood. Since the future father experiences emotional and fiscal changes.

By decreasing testosterone levels, the male partner is less aggressive and more supportive of his partner. In addition, naturally it tends to maintain a greater fidelity.

However, this is not the only change. The study also found that the cortisol and progesterone (hormones that increase by stress and that allow to be alert to possible dangers) increase when the birth is closer, like that of the mother.


The paternity it is an important change in the life of a person: the social role of father is adopted, which entails a series of responsibilities that reach the level of legal obligations. The duty to care for and educate the children is acquired ", as described by the psychologist José Antonio García.

To be a father there must be a physical and emotional preparation, to ensure the full development of the child. What do you think?