They also feel

Have you given up a job because your colleagues look at you badly or do not want to talk to you? Although there are difficult work environments, often you are the one who originates this response due to actions that inspire discomfort and even "hate".

Example, do not keep an order in your responsibilities. Your colleagues repeat regularly what you should do, and you usually forget it by delaying the delivery of the work ", describes in an interview for GetQoralHealth Ricardo González, coach of acceleration of results .


They also feel

Other actions that you do, and cause you to hate yourself at work are the following:

1. Have a mess on your desk.

2. Have thousands of posts, that you never turn to see. You even know what writing means in many of them.

3. You complain about everything, even if there was traffic or not.

4. Be negative You live observing what others do and highlight or underline their mistakes.

5. Do not pay attention to what others tell you.

6. To look badly at someone when he asks you for help or even to see him.

7. Compare. Express that one partner is better than the other.

8. In the case of a boss. The biggest mistake you can make that generates "hate" is to say: Do not worry there are a million people waiting for your position.

However, it is not necessary to get to "hate" to know that something is wrong.


When they speak to you only what is indispensable or do not turn to see when you speak, these are signs that you are already irritable for others, "says Padilla.

One way to solve this is to try to correct what is wrong with you, and then talk to your colleagues honestly and politely.

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