These signs will tell you that you have a healthy relationship

For the psychotherapist, Stacy Kaiser, human relations expert and author of the book "How to be an Adult" , "All relationships, important or long-term, encompass hundreds of problems, some superficial and easy to detect, and others deeply hidden that never expressed aloud." If you have doubts about how your relationship is going, here is a list with the 25 things that indicate that your relationship is on a very good path.

1. You know your partner's best friend as a normal friend, you can even say some of the positive things about that person.

2. Admire your partner, and above all, You know their qualities.

3. You listen to the points of view that you have when you fight, and above all, you respect them.

4. They think about each other even when they are not together.

5. You always try to get the best out of that person; You see it in a more positive way than what he or she sees of himself.

6. You enjoy the different ways in which your partner has changed and grown since they met.

7. Your partner is excited when something goes well for you

8. Remember experiences they have lived together in the past, both good and bad, and learn from them.

9. You know what your partner's tastes are, including your favorite book.

10. You are aware of their aspirations, respect them and always try to remind them even when discouraged.

11. There is not a single day that they do not kiss.

12. You know some of the fundamental moments of his childhood.

13. You perceive some of the qualities he inherited from his parents.

14. Together they share their thoughts and feelings, and let themselves into the inner emotional world.

15. Express how much you love each other.

16. They are a team , none is above the other.

17. They may not have a song that defines them as a couple, but they know each other's musical tastes.

18. They know the reason why they are together and do not question it; well they say that opposites are attracted or can be

19. You know that with that person you can share any experience, both of the present and the past, no matter how traumatic it is, it will always be there to listen to you.

20. You respect other relationships of your partner such as friends, family and know how important they are to him or her.

21. Even they shine their eyes When they remember the way they met.

22. When either of you is faced with a problem that makes you feel stressed or upset, know that you can face it together and that the other person will make you feel better.

23. You love exploring your partner's body and almost never they fall into monotony.

24. Everyone respects the decisions of the other person and entrusts each other.

25. Without hesitation twice you would choose it again; even if You had to take any person to a desert island with you and take your partner.

Only you can decide if your relationship is good or bad. But never stay longer than you should give to someone who does not value your company.

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