These ingredients will make her look radiant

Small changes that start with a feeding complete and balanced, as well as routines basic cleaning help to improve appearance of the face and to erase the signs of aging . Some ingredients to have a skin plus young we find them in foods and also in products cosmetics .


Problems emotional can make the skin look up five years older than his chronological age, "he says. Amy Wechsler, active member of the American Academy of Dermatology .


These ingredients will make her look radiant

Wechsler adds that the anxiety and the stress trigger the increase of cortisol hormone that causes inflammation and it affects production on collagen .

In addition, it triggers responses that can cause redness Facial and buds acne , conditions that damage the appearance of skin . Know five ingredients to look younger.

1. Vitamin C. This nutrient stimulates fibroblasts of the skin what favors the production of collagen , substance that gives elasticity, explains Jeannette Graf , clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center of New York .

Although collagen is lost with age, it is possible to stimulate its production and maintain optimal levels through a diet abundant in vitamin C . Foods such as citrus, strawberry, tomato, broccoli are excellent ways to obtain this nutrient .

2. Calcium . Although it is a mineral common to treat bone and tooth problems, it is also effective to regulate various functions of the skin . Help the renewal cellular to conserve its thickness . Improves the barrier function to protect it against pathogens. In addition, it intervenes in the production of tallow with what is avoided the dry that makes it look off, ensures Graf .

Some sources of calcium They are milk, yogurt, Salmon and the sardines canned As well as almonds and sunflower seeds, according to information from the National Institutes of Health of the United States.

3. Vitamin A. Very effective against aging premature. Corrects epidermal atrophy, that is, the thinning of the skin which causes the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expression. It also helps to maintain the layer protective of the grease that keeps, says Jeannette Graf .

The sources of Vitamin A of natural origin can be found in the carrots , pumpkins, spinach, vegetables of green leaves. Other foods like egg , milk and fish They also provide this nutrient.

4. Zinc. This is one of the most effective ingredients in Solar protection to protect against solar radiation . It is also used as astringent Y antiseptic to deal with problems of acne . Conditions that cause the skin to be mistreated, lose wetting and, therefore, have an appearance weathered , according to data from National Institutes of Health .

A good source of zinc is found in meats of beef, pork and lamb. They are also obtained from walnuts , whole grains, wheat germ and even in the chocolate .

5. Copper It is another great ally to preserve a younger skin, as it helps minimize the lines of expression and disguise the stains . Based on information from Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University , copper integrates a substance known as lysil oxidase , essential to stimulate production of the collagen Y elastin essential to preserve the firmness Y flexibility of the tissues.

Copper is present in viscera such as kidney and liver , seafood , whole grains, legumes, nuts, potatoes . The dehydrated fruits They also provide this nutrient, including prunes, explains information about National Institutes of Health .

For look a skin young it is also important to be properly hydrated for the whole day. The exercise is an activity that oxygenates this organ, conserves its firmness because it helps the collagen it stays. How do you take care of her?

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