These are the steps to follow

The pimples and blackheads they are very annoying, we always want to hide them and sometimes we make the mistake of squeeze them , this sometimes leaves marks on our skin that are never removed.

That is why it is important to identify if your case of acne is severe or is more common, and you have enough hygiene when you intend to squeeze a bar of your face.


These are the steps to follow


1. Identify and wash

Not all pimples or pimples should be squeezed. You must identify that the granite in question has matured, that is, have the White Point in the middle.

Then you should wash your face very well, especially the grain area and your hands.


2. Open your pores

It is important to open the pores of the skin to facilitate the extraction of the shin. For that you can bathe with warm water for 20 minutes or put in a pot hot water and with the help of a towel, let the steam I hit you in the face.

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