There are two types of tickling

Many of us associate tickling with uncontrollable laughter when someone approaches and starts to sting in some areas of the body, such as ribs, stomach, back or neck. The truth is that tickling is the answer to a nervous excitement.

Tickling can generate a pleasant sensation because they release dopamine in our body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that activates the reward instincts in the brain, so tickling makes us laugh a lot.


There are two types of tickling

The first are the most common, which cause itching, tingling and a feeling of wanting to stop the sensation. This is called Knismesis, and it is thought that this reaction is a defense feature in a situation of alarm or imminent danger.

This is how the brain also alerts you to sensations when in your body there is a mosquito, a spider or any insect that can be potentially poisonous, a good defense mechanism.

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