There are 7 types of multiple sclerosis

The benign type

The benign type of multiple sclerosis EM, it means that the disease has a mild severity and evolution. However, calling the benign MS is very misleading, because this disease becomes disabling. In fact, 20% of diagnoses of multiple sclerosis, only 5% are of the benign type.

These patients can expect less progression after the first attack. Its functions are maintained, despite alterations in short-term memory, cognitive dysfunction and some tests of brain atrophy, which can be identified through an MRI.

The relapsing-remitting type

This is actually the most common of all types of this particular disease. But his name, sender - relapsing can also be very deceptive.

It is during this type that multiple sclerosis attacks are followed either with complete or partial remission.

Many times MS sufferers assume that this remission phase means that they have fully recovered. This may be true in some cases, especially during the early stages of the disease, but in the majority, it is actually partial remission. Do not be fooled by the name of this classification, because it usually leaves residual symptoms related to MS.

In an interview forGetQoralHealth , the doctorRosalía Vázquez Alfaro explains more about the types of sclerosis and the diagnostic process:



The secondary type - progressive

This type starts with the relapse of the sender type, which usually persists for several years.

It is a chronic and progressive form of the disease that usually occurs in the second stage of the disease. Unlike the previous type, there are no remission periods, only some interruptions in the duration of the attacks, in which there is absolutely no recovery. Although there may be some minor relief for a couple of symptoms, recovery is never achieved.

The primary type - progressive

It is very common in the male population. They gradually experience a clinical deterioration and do not have the actual duration of remission. However, it could be a temporary moment when the problem includes a partial, but minor, relief.

The progressive type - recurrent

This type is a rare form of MS. What happens here is that the disease has a progressive form that starts with a series of acute attacks that has no relief. Unlike the primary-progressive type, it has no tendency to stabilize.


The malignant type

Apart from being called malignant, it is also known as the variant of Marburg . It is fortunate that this guy is very strange because he is very aggressive. It has a rapid and relentless decline with a very significant deterioration, or even death, which usually occurs after several weeks of the onset of the first attack.

The chronicle - progressive

This type is of undetermined duration of MS. However, the term is also associated with a collective diagnosis of progressive - relapsing; primary - secondary progressive and progressive.

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