Therapeutic guide

The schizophrenia It is a disease mental chronic and disabling; it affects one in every thousand Mexicans and 1% of the world population. This condition is not curable, but the diagnosis and timely treatment allow the patients Improve your quality of life.

Despite the prevalence and the burden of this disorder , 60% of patients do not receive treatment no attention timely and when they get it 74% leave the medication in the first year and a half.

The above generates some degree of disability in patients up to 80% of cases, as well as costs for him system of public health mexicana for around 75 thousand pesos per year per patient who has a relapse due to a psychotic episode.


A patient who leaves the treatment can present three or four psychotic episodes per year, which impacts its economy , familiar surroundings , labor and quality of life, ensures Eduardo Madrigal, former president of the Mexican Psychiatric Association .

He adds that even though the schizophrenia there is no cure, a sick person can be reintegrated into society if he receives a diagnosis , care and treatment long term .


Therapeutic guide

To contribute with the timely attention and adequate treatment, the Mexican Psychiatric Association unveiled the First therapeutic guide for the management of schizophrenia , with which it seeks to improve diagnostics and the Attention in patients.

The Guide contemplates a Program for attention and treatment suitable; recommendations for the use of antipsychotics , themes of rehabilitation , intervention of the family , evaluation criteria and diagnosis.


Risk factor's

The Former President of the Mexican Psychiatric Association I explain to GetQoralHealth that schizophrenia s e develops mainly by a genetic predisposition .


If one of your parents suffers from schizophrenia , do you have 80% of probabilities of develop it ; but if you have a brother With this disease the chances are 50%; if is one cousin near 23% and one far 15% . The closer the relationship is, the more risk there is, said the specialist.

The age plus frequent in which the disease is detonated is between 10 Y 25 years and mainly affects the mens . In the women begins to develop among the 25 to the 35 years.

Between the symptom identifiable are: disordered thoughts , false beliefs as of persecution, hallucinations, disturbance of the emotions , Social isolation Y depression , among others.

People with schizophrenia They are predisposed to suffer other problems such as accidents, suicides, metabolic syndrome , hypertension , as well as alcohol abuse, among others.

Therefore, it is very important that they follow a integral treatment that includes support family , use of medications, diet focused on the vegetarian, not drinking alcohol, sleep eight hours a day, not to keep awake, walk one hour a day, do not impose charges or demands and avoid get stressed .

Currently, patients withschizophrenia are more therapeutic options to avoid them abandoning the treatment, less side effects, which translates into a higher quality of lifetime .

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