Theory of femininity

After years competing in beauty contests hiding sexual preferences, or working behind the scenes, gays and lesbians finally acquire prominence in the most important appointments.

Miss Missouri, Erin O 'Flaherty will compete for the Miss America crown, on September 11 as the first openly gay aspirant. In recent years, lesbians have gained visibility in beauty contests.

And this has a clear explanation in terms of femininity, according to a study published by the University of Essex , the theory that lesbians can be more masculine in their sexual responses, has no place.


Theory of femininity

It's very simple, in a study women lesbians they showed many more sexual responses to their preferred gender (women), they simply admitted it, instead of choosing masculine images, which reinforces a theory of tendency to femininity and not to behave like men, as many had said.

However, women who identified themselves as heterosexuals They responded with the same sexual arousal in both cases, both when viewing images of men and women. The researchers dismissed the theory that lesbians can be more masculine in their sexual responses.


The context of Misses

Djuan Trent participated in Miss America as Miss Kentucky in 2011 and finished in the top 10. He revealed his sexuality in 2014.

The Spanish Patricia Yurena, who won the Miss Spain contest twice and was second in Miss Universe 2013 , came out of the closet in 2014 with a social media image of her and her girlfriend embracing with the text "Romeo and Juliet."

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