The wrong courtship

It says a popular phrase that men are mental and sentimental women, in other words, refusing to commit does not represent a selfish attitude of not wanting to share life with anyone because it is more comfortable, but also has a meaning with more roots deep and is the fear of suffering.

In many ancient cultures, love is characterized as being a God ... Why? Because nobody can control it. Well, love makes you feel out of control and this is one of the main reasons why Men fear love.


The wrong courtship

A study carried out in the International Academy of Sex Research indicates that if a man can keep his eyes on a woman for more than 8.2 seconds, he can fall victim to falling in love at first sight. However, some men tend not to get carried away by their emotions, let alone demonstrate their feelings for fear of losing self-control.

We recommend that you do not harass your future love, when a man feels overwhelmed by an emotion or feeling tends to withdraw, this is because he instinctively feels the need to flee the fight in order to obtain a calming antidote to stress of the relationship.

¿ How to understand This type of men who fear love?

Patience, is the key word for this type of situations; if you want to start a relationship and the boy of your dreams does not feel the same for you you can be hurt, for many men a new romance is not a priority, on the contrary, many times they feel that less pleasant sensation full of fear and confusion.



Give time to time, know your ideas, concerns and thoughts if you realize that he gets nervous every time they talk about love the worst thing you can do is speed up the process if he is not convinced

Show him your affection. As reported by Dr. Mark D. White in "Psychology Today, this type of Men are afraid of love and suffer for fear of not being happy and not being reciprocated. However, set limits and establish a maximum date in which you can expect it; Stagnation in a relationship that is destined to fail is a waste of time.

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